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Part No. : iM4A3-192/96-10VC-12VI
Description : The Best Relaytion
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Page Number : 11
Manufacturer : Tyco Electronics
File Size : 796 Kb

iM4A3-192/96-10VC-12VI Article About

In safety performance, Cisco 1841 can help a variety of advanced security services and management support for the Cisco Self-Defending Network, which includes hardware encryption acceleration, IPSec VPN, firewall protection, an internal intrusion prevention, network access control and URL filtering support . In addition, Cisco IOS software supports the full range of transport protocols, quality of service and security, can help enterprises to secure data solutions for the independent function. In addition, Cisco 1841 supports 30 kinds of modules and interface cards, including existing WAN and multiplexing VWIC) interface cards, and advanced integration modules. 32MB flash memory and 128MB available synchronous dynamic RAM memory, a USB port and two integrated high-speed Ethernet LAN ports, no card and the module can achieve up to 100BASE-T Ethernet connection speeds, enabling the division of LAN . Integrated standard power supply also provides a more convenient installation and management of the router platform.
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