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This is based on the concept of Fibre Channel over Ethernet, now it has been applied to the latest release of Gigabit Ethernet switches on the top shelf. If in the future using this switch network design, server virtualization can reduce the need to manage the hardware, reducing power consumption and improve the utilization of hardware assets, and is expected to simplify management. However, due to the switch using the technology in April just listed, it may take some time before the enterprise data center network design to see this. Symptom: a computer, its configuration is: P ] 866MHz, ATi Rage Pro AGP 2 graphics card, MSI M
Local time in November this year, Microsoft announced that it will allow users to download the SDL Optimization Model and the SDL threat modeling tools 3.0. Microsoft has also set up by the nine security consulting firms as SDL Pro Network, to help developers complete the SDL. Microsoft SDL optimization model is to create secure software in the process of change and strategy of a plan; SDL threat modeling tool has been used internally at Microsoft for a year, its purpose is to help analyze the security of software design to how to avoid during development threat. SDL Pro Network plans to join a company with IOActive, Cigital, and Verizon Business, which will be the contractor to set their own fees as standard. One-year pilot scheme will start in November this year. Microsoft itself does not enter the security consulting market. Li Puna said that Microsoft is just trying to help other companies improve their software so that computer users are protected while surfing the web, there is a sense of security. He said: "We are not claiming we are the best, but we have extensive experience in this field."

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