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"PICA" series of mobile multimedia services is unlimited hands to push the main global mobile Internet business. PICA integration of the traditional Internet, mobile Internet and fixed communications network resources, can be in the mobile phone and mobile phone, mobile phone and computer without bandwidth limitations between the realization of the text, images, video and real-time transmission of voice and rich Internet applications, content and experience migrating to mobile devices. PICA compatible with different terminal operating system, the service support of mobile devices have already reached 400 balance. PICA launched Messenger now has been vigorously sought after markets and customers, although so far this year without making any marketing, but in mainland China has reached one million registered users, while also different interoperability between network users.
ASUS RS161-E4 support the Direct Connect architecture, using the nVIDIA nForce Professional 2200 chipset, AMD64 and AMD Virtualization technology. AMD 64 technology has been characterized with Direct Connect Architecture, the architecture is user-centric architecture designed to provide a great overall performance, by AMDs revolutionary Direct Connect Architecture eliminates the bottleneck of the original front-side bus architecture, for enterprise users bring a comprehensive system performance; AMD 64 and AMD-V technology is 64-bit computing environment for the user application provides large memory space and higher system performance. These are guaranteed ASUS RS161-E4 super processing power, users can easily meet the growing small and medium applications. In addition to the software increases, the rapid development of SMEs in the expansion of the scale and speed of the hardware is relatively amazing. This raises another requirement on the server - scalable. And powerful scalability, ASUS RS161-E4 is another significant advantage.

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