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Part No. : Z86E0208SSC
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Manufacturer : Zilog, Inc.
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With the global economy into crisis after the era of how Chinese companies in the process, the early reverse and get rid of the shadow of economic crisis, while striving to bring about change the world industrial structure, through a series of market opportunities, better opportunities for development. And so the focus of a range of issues, became the theme of this summit. Experts from all walks of life, the famous manufacturing business leaders, UF U9s typical customer over a hundred representatives of two people involved in the day of lively discussion. Shenyang Equipment Manufacturing Industry Association, Deng Changxin; Tsinghua University, the equipment manufacturing industry experienced experts Moxin agricultural information; Li Xiaoqing, vice president of Dalian Machine Tool Group; UF Software executive vice president, chief operating officer Lee; UF vice president and chief software should BigBand Networks digital video network provider, today announced the industrys most comprehensive and most widely deployed switched video analysis tools to add new features, SVA tool for switched digital video networks and design. SVA 4.0 software includes new versions further improve the monitoring, performance and availability features to support large-scale SDV network operations. This is the deployment of BigBand SDV provides long-term support for the latest results, now has more than 33 million families.
Output, the card uses a dual DVI + S-Video interface combinations, can meet the needs of most users. Graphics technology and supports Dual-Link HDCP digital encryption technology, dual display 2560 * 1600 resolution. I believe this elite warrior 8625GTS graphics card with the workmanship, higher than the public version of the frequency and the current elite products of similar products in the domestic market up to three years in the rare full-free quality assurance, will become the recent rare quality in the graphics market, recently interested in buying 8600GTSs friends may wish to look at this card.

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