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Label Switch Router is based on pre-calculate the tag distribution protocol label switching table to forward packets with a tag core equipment. Label switching router forwards only supports tags, so the device can be a switch, it can be a router. In the ATM network, the performance marked the parameters for the ATM VPI and VCI. If a tag distribution protocol support for ATM switches and ATM packet forwarding accordingly, it can also be used as Label Switching Router MPLS network. MPLS network combines the three-layer switching and routing technologies, focused on the exchange network and the advantages of IP networks, switched networks can be achieved both private and business level, it can reach IP network flexibility and scalability. On this basis, MPLS network operators to bring back more applications, including MPLSVPN, MPLS traffic engineering and MPLS service levels.
Wind, CEO Liu Shuyao guest interview scene. The following is the interview Record: Moderator: Flying like the network, the worlds telecommunications, Tencent President organized jointly hundred interviews are conducted, this time we are very honored to the wind, CEO Liu Shuyao, first of all I would like Mr. Liu to the large number of friends say hello. Liu Shuyao: Hello everybody! I am the wind, CEO Liu Shuyao. Moderator: We used to be very closed to the telecommunications industry, this industry just want to make the network, and then maintain the normal operation of the network can collect the money. But now you can see the situation is changing, not only do we network, we need to do content, but content has become a very important aspect. Over the years, content development is also rough Ke Hum, you actually do the contents of a person, first of all ask you to evaluate the development of content. Liu Shuyao: First of all I want to tell you about our products and the direction the company is doing. We all know that air network TV is doing mobile video, we have below is a joint venture company to do mobile TV, the content itself and traditional SP to do some business. Now at this point in time, especially the 3G soon comes, we feel a special excitement. Because most of the previous content to stay in the era of words and pictures, now, with the advent of 3G, the whole network bandwidth has great speed, which we do the content companies are particularly good opportunities. Because content can be three-dimensional, and three-dimensional primary sources and video related to some of the content. For us, there is a larger challenge, how, in a confined space to

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