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Part No. : Z84C0008PEC
Description : IC-CPU (Z80) - 8MHZ
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Trace analysis of the traditional two. One is to use Profiler tool itself. For example, the Filter function can use Profiler to filter out those that run longer than 10 seconds or more of the statements, or sort by CPU to find the most CPU consuming statements and so on. The other is the Trace file into the database, and then use T-SQL statement for statistical analysis. These two methods for smaller Trace file is valid. However, if more Trace relatively large number of files, then these two methods have significant limitations. One of the limitations of the reason is because the large files, analysis and statistics are very difficult, and often so that you can not from the overall height of a brief outline of the implementation of performance have all the statements. You are so easily confused by some of the statements and put effort and above, but actually it does not really need to focus on the key statement. The second limitation is that you found that although many of the statements are very similar pattern, but there is no simple way to categorize them with statistics. In short, you can not easily get access to the system model database can not be strategically advantageous position in the optimization of the time, Gangjumuzhang. This is the limitations of traditional methods. Use the following described Read80trace tools and custom stored procedures to overcome such limitations.
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