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Part No. : Z8018110FEC
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Page Number : 74
Manufacturer : Zilog, Inc.
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Integrated firewall and SBC are route-aware, can help to avoid application of advanced voice and video packet loss and security services. These features and the Cisco XR 12000 Series is fully integrated advanced high availability features for real-time voice and video sessions to provide maximum service availability. MSB no single point of failure and features active / standby configuration, the primary support for failover with the session and the use of real-time software and maintenance updates. Cisco Technology telecom operators, senior vice president and general manager Tony Bates said: "Cisco is committed to a variety of technology integration into the router infrastructure to eliminate redundant networks and devices, simplifying operations and reducing telecommunications operators total cost of ownership. the integration of route-aware service virtualization is the latest innovation in Cisco, Cisco will continue to work to help telecom operators deliver advanced voice and video services to increase profitability. "

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