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Part No. : Z8018006FSC
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Manufacturer : Zilog, Inc.
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Hard drive speed is usually far less than the speed of the network, if the alarm system to produce a large number of records to the hard drive, will cost a lot of systems out of processing power, if the system records the original network data, save a large and high-speed network data will require expensive large-capacity RAID. NIDS itself should have very high security, general monitoring of the network cards are not used for IP address and other network card will not open any ports. However, associated with the NIDS system may be attacked. Some systems have a separate console, if the attacker can control the console where the host can control the entire NIDS system.
Both cards use the Colorful flames God of War developed its own PCB + thermal design to optimize energy and thermal performance based overclocking, and cater to the trend of the configuration directly in the PCB, HDMI output interface. Note that the HDMI interface can be output with HDCP for digital video + digital audio signal integrity. Radium wind 2600PRO-GD3 and Yi Cai 8600GT-GD3 Although Radoen HD 2600 PRO and Geforce 8600 GTs official sample design are no external power output, but the flames Colorful Mars in enhancing overclocking graphics cards joined the 6pin power outlet to external power to meet the high demand for the frequency setting of the card. Two graphics cards simultaneously with CrossFire and SLI are also connector, dual card, parallel applications.

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