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Part No. : Z0840006VSC
Description : 16-Bit Microprocessor
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This is the above mentioned three information access mode. We know that the database system is a basic fixed modules, each module access to the way SQL Server is almost fixed, specific to a menu, a button, are basically unchanged, so long enough period of time to access SQL Servers various statements and the proportion of occupied essentially fixed. In other words, as long as the Profiler samples long enough, then surely from the Trace file database system can access the statistics mode. Each database system has its own unique access pattern. Profiler Trace file analysis is an important goal is to find the database system access patterns. Once access mode, you can do when optimizing the system answers, clear understanding of the hearts. Unfortunately, so far does not have any tools you can easily get this information.
Product Code integrity, quality and more convenient. Although dual-core AM2 3800 + processor is not 65 nm version, but the same power consumption as 65W, and 65-nanometer dual-core AM2 processors the same effect. Products, the actual frequency for the 2.0GHz, single core with 128KB +512 KB organizational model to support MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, X86-64 instruction set. Working voltage is 1.25V, FSB to 200MHz, multiplier 10, the number of transistors for the 200 million 43 million to support 1GHz HT bus frequency, the maximum support to DDR2-800 dual channel memory. Power consumption is 65W, not only can effectively spend to save heat inputs, can also save electricity, and can be optimized with the platform into a quiet working environment. Product number ADO3800IAA5CU, which "ADO3800" said the desktop with a 65W dual-core Athlon 3800 + processor, "I" on behalf of products using AM2 Interface, "AA" on behalf of product support "Cool and Quiet" technology, with automatic adjustment of temperature and power consumption ability, "5" represents the class with 1MB L2 cache, "CU" said 90nm Windsor core.

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