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Part No. : XC9536XL-10CS48I
Description : XC9536XL High PerformanceCPLD
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Xilinx, Inc
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L2TP also provides the process of establishing the tunnel endpoint on the L2TP tunnel authentication. However, by default, Windows 2000 does not require authentication of the L2TP tunnel. For more information on L2TP tunnel authentication, see Microsofts Web site information. L2TP IPSec SA encryption depends on the establishment. Encryption algorithms include:  3DES, using three 56-bit key for security demanding environments. As the IP network environment, packet loss may occur or when data packets arrive out of order and so on, so the IP network, each packet is individually IPSec encryption and decryption process independent of other IPSec packets. Initial key in the IPSec certification process available. After the generation of keys in different types of connections are different, the DES encrypted connection every 5 minutes or 250 megabytes per transfer to generate a new key; in 3DES encrypted connection, or per every 1 hour transfer 2 gigabytes to generate a new key; in the AH protected connection, every 1 hour or 2 per gigabyte transferred to generate a new hash key.
I believe that if only TD with these devices as commercial aircraft, which will replace the TD mobile phones significantly dampen consumer enthusiasm. Data show that as of July 1st TD-SCDMA subscribers was 5.2 million, but most of them are a test user, that is presented by China Mobile terminal equipment, SIM cards and calls subsidies to buy their own SIM card, the average user only more than 8,000 households, while the TD-SCDMA terminals is only about 4,000 actually sold. Compared with CDMA 2000 1x EV-D users in a year to break 4 million, WCDMA users to nearly 300 million, and it was almost 2 3G users are concentrated in Japan and Korea market, which shows that the mainland of China to promote the progress of TD-SCDMA not good enough.

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