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Part No. : XC4VLX60-10FF1148C
Description : Logic Cell Array Family
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Page Number : 22
Manufacturer : Xilinx, Inc
File Size : 220 Kb

XC4VLX60-10FF1148C Article About

EMC according to the different needs of customers, providing three-duplication technology. First, the object-level data de-duplication. In the EMC Centera archiving platform, as to meet regulatory compliance, EMC provides file-level data de-duplication, a file as an object, when an object has been re-stored, it will not keep the two the same data, but returns a pointer, and prompts the data already exists. However, only two files exactly the same, it will only keep one. If the file even if there are small changes, it would save twice. Second, Avamar data de-duplication technology, which is variable-length block of source data de-duplication, deletion rate 300:1,500:1, or even higher. Third, EMC virtual tape library. EDL is a complementary with Avamar, Avamar is the source for data deduplication, EDL is carried out in the back-end duplication. Archived data deduplication technology combined with technology, to significantly reduce the amount of data, so backing up to disk as possible, so that data availability, manageability, security is guaranteed, data updates and long-term storage media possible. EMC first step in this field of action, but also make it an exclusive deal with the information explosion of the first pioneers, once again strengthened its industry leadership position.
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