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Part No. : XC3142A-2PQ100C
Description : Field Programmable Gate Arrays (XC3000A/L, XC3100A/L)
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Page Number : 76
Manufacturer : Xilinx, Inc
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IP VPN-based terminal device is the first stage. This business primarily in the customers terminal with routers and firewalls in between points to establish a secure channel. Although this business enables business users from the Frame Relay / ATM transition to the Internet, and make it safe roaming between points to solve the problem of Internet access, but it can not guarantee QoS between points and the SLA, different levels of the business can not have different levels of service, and management of terminal equipment for the customers is also very troublesome. The second stage is a network-based VPN. It is the difference between the previous stage to move from the client firewall, network operators, enabling customers to reduce the need for device management of the trouble and cost.
The use of the environment, performance requirements and other differences, many consumers in the purchase of a standard wireless network card are not the same. It is because of this diverse needs of users, dozens of 54M on the market today is also home wireless network card price, performance and features continuous innovation to meet market demand. From the current home wireless network card wireless market overall market perspective, in two hundred yuan PCI interface, the number of wireless network card is not much to recommend the following authors three PCI interface, this level of wireless network card. The cheapest market for only 135 yuan Wireless LAN PCI Interface The TP-Links TL-WN550G market price of 135 yuan, which uses a 32-bit PCI interface, the core manufacturers in the wireless chip it posted a layer of protective sheet of metal. The wireless card has a shiny black, scalable, freely rotating 2dBi external omni-directional antenna, it can be less than 200 meters indoor and outdoor 830 meters within the wireless device to communicate. It is common 54M effective distance of 2 to 3 times the card, but its effective coverage range of a 54M NIC 4 to 9 times.

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