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Part No. : XC2VP50-5FF1517C
Description : FAMILIES
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In the [Components], find this line iis = iis.dll, OcEntry, iis.inf, hide, 7 iis = iis2.dll, OcEntry, iis2.inf,, 7 This is because when I changed iis.dll time, ms caching mechanism will fix it; I can iis.dll renamed, and the rapid establishment of a hidden iis.dll directory to prevent it from being restored, but this is too cumbersome, it is better to iis2.dll set in the more convenient. Crawl from the win2k Adv Server CD iis.dl_ and iis.in_. This approach W98, FP and so effective, so I would like is also possible. Enter the DOS command state, type power in the total cost of ownership is a key consideration, we found that blade servers reduce but not eliminate the need for redundant hardware components of electricity. This means that, in the performance of IBMs blade server rack server performance with a considerable time, more energy-efficient blade servers, and potentially easier to maintain.

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