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According to various sectors of the country of the regional sample survey of 192 enterprises, the use of VPN products alone accounted for 1.04%, accounted for using the VPN module is 5.73%, not 93.23% accounted for using the VPN. VPN products of enterprises in the low level of market applications, indicating a lack of user awareness and understanding of VPN products, VPN market to be nurtured, but also illustrates the technology of VPN products are not mature. The next 1 to 2 years, VPN products will have a large number of applications within the enterprise. Since that time, the company completed the basic network infrastructure, enterprise information technology focus will shift to network maintenance and network security products, VPN competing sectors will become the focus of the procurement.
Lao Lius secret weapon is in the Zhongguancun buy GPS, is a Coships navigation products, is actually very beautiful and fashionable look. On the road, driving skills from the old Liu crazy to show, but unfortunately does not quite handle old Liu broken car, but still not an accident, and made the car more than laughter. But GPS is indeed a good thing, although we do not know the road very smoothly follow the prompts on the right path. But perhaps too well, to a tunnel after, GPS signal is not complete, the car one by one, people get old Liu poke fun, but I really worry about losing direction. Out of the tunnel for quite a while, the car finally got the signal, and the good, old Liu began to proudly boast to you. Nothing more than a lot of good is his vision, technical how high how high, anyway, this little car, wed unusual atmosphere of this group of petty active, usually the pressure of work, the troubles of life disappear instantly.

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