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Part No. : XC2VP2-5FG256C
Description : FAMILIES
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webload is RadView Launches a performance test and analysis tool that allows web application developers to automatically perform stress tests; webload operation by simulating real users to generate the pressure load to test web performance. User-created test scripts based on javascript, called the Agenda agenda, use it to simulate the behavior of customers, by executing the script to measure web application performance in a real environment. The current highest version is 6.0. webload provide cruise control cruise control function, using cruise control, web applications can be pre-defined performance indicators should be met, and then test the system meets these needs indicators; cruise control to automatically load added to the web application, and In this load to the number of customers access to the program to generate reports.
Read the title of this, perhaps you will want to immediately refute my views, but let me explain. I am not sentencing Vista has failed, if the data in terms of the sale, Vista is in fact relatively good. But, according to interviews over the past year from Microsofts news, I always feel bad Vista Microsoft PR is inclusive, the majority of enterprises are unwilling to upgrade to Vista from XP do not really care. Together with executives repeatedly emphasized that over the years, Microsofts Windows 7 will be a Windows version of the most important, I do not care about Microsofts Vista to determine the pressure. However, the neglect of Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 has far exceeded expectations of success. I think that Microsoft is very satisfied with the status quo, but also think that once released Vista, will not have to worry how to prove the value of the operating system itself. Of course, Microsoft is now trying to counter the launch of Apples advertising. But have you ever noticed, none of Microsofts ads give the audience a reason to use Vista? Microsoft only emphasizes why you should own a PC, but Vista itself is concerned, Microsofts ad mentioned.

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