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XC2V500-5FG256I Datasheet | Xilinx, Inc
Part No. : XC2V500-5FG256I
Description : Virtex-II 1.5V Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Xilinx, Inc
File Size : 127 Kb

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Huan Qi HG216D in appearance as with a full black color, it is very calm, and simple body design coupled with a narrow border is even more portable. HG216D marked in the bottom left side of the border HDMI logo. OSD buttons and switches its hidden under the bottom border, and "G" shape of the power indicator is the crowning touch to this display. In terms of performance, HG216D has 5ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio, with a D-Sub interface and HDMI interface, and built a multimedia speakers, and through the TCO03 of the certification and Windows vista compatibility certification. Certification TCO03, 3C certification, Vista Prelimum.CE.FCC.BSMI.C-TICK.VCCI, UL, CUL, Nemko GS, Nemko CB Editor Comments: Huan Qi HG216D equipped with HDMI as the interface is its biggest bright spot, but also Description HDMI interface will be more liquid crystal displays used. The price of LCD 2199 yuan, relative to the market the other liquid crystal display with HDMI interface, and its price is relatively low. Hanns.G HG216D

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