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Part No. : XC2V2000-4BG575C
Description : Virtex-II 1.5V Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Xilinx, Inc
File Size : 127 Kb

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Topstar H-NF5AK2 using nVIDIA nForce520 chipset, supports 1000MHz Hyper Transports Socket940 Sempron Athlon/X2/FX/AM2 + / AM3 processors. Supports four S-ATAII interface, and taking into account the needs of older users, save a Ultra ATA 133/100 interface. Topstar H-NF5AK2 motherboard fully enclosed three-phase inductor, with more high-capacity Fujitsu stars solid capacitors. Power supply part, the use of the pipe with about a type of MOS, and the green rectangle with a copper heat sink, fully guaranteed CPU power MOS tube and some cooling conditions, rectangular copper heat sink through a large amount of heat through the heat sink after discharge into the performance, significantly reduce electricity consumption for the user.

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