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Part No. : XC2V1000-4FGG456C
Description : FAMILIES
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So, can break the barriers of software and software, and applications integrate and enhance it? The problem is that the majority of enterprise management software vendors try to figure out the problem again is hard to wait for the answer to business users in question, as president of Brocade IT Shen Kang said: Call to open up the market in the enterprise information system separate ways meridians of the IT system. Traditional IT vendors to provide endless years of ordinary routine software upgrades, endless cycle of development and implementation of software code has been a big headache for enterprises, while no choice but to pay for the expensive secondary development. From an objective point of view, secondary development costs are high, mainly due to long duration of the technology embodied in the more difficult and the development of the high cost of two officers. The traditional way of developing the efficiency of code development is low, the user requirements of the project schedule is very tight, you can not guarantee product quality, after-sales problems and the resulting costs, with an increasing; most of the low maturity of the projects needs, customer needs change frequently, Modify the body, often led by a launch to further slow down the development efficiency, developers greatly reduced the actual value created; separation project planning and system development can not be accurate and timely response to customer demand, further increased the risk of change and post-maintenance more difficult. On the other hand, the traditional way of code development staff totally dependent on the development of quality human resource management has increased the difficulty and cost; skilled J2EE developers that pay the face of the customer must use J2EE technology requirements, project costs can not be control; human response to complex J2EE, led to the underlying structure of the project is unreasonable, the system efficiency is very low, can not be put into use; senior technical staff training costs are high, high rate of turnover of the project progress and quality of significant influence.
Edit Comment: Like the previous product, the new version of the L196WTQ is still not in appearance to make any changes, it is only the contrast has been upgraded. However, the price of this model has not increased, but also dropped by 100 yuan, making it a great value products. LG L196WTQ http as odd HG216D is the first HDMI interface, with a 21.6-inch widescreen LCD monitor, as with the HDMI interface, so this product has also attracted the attention of many people, but also that HDMI interface is also open to further spread. According to dealers said, because the price of this model is equipped with HDMI interface in the liquid crystal display is relatively low, so HG216D sales remained good.

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