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Part No. : XC2S300E-7PQ208C
Description : Spartan-IIE 1.8V FPGA Family
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Xilinx, Inc
File Size : 115 Kb

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4. In terms of voice network softswitch and IMS simulation of the controversy in June 2005 convened in Beijing FGNGN ITUs 7th meeting in carrying out the standards-based softswitch research started a fierce debate, China Communications Standards Association on standards of conduct of softswitch-based specialist liaison statements made to the FGNGN, China Telecom has submitted eight softswitch-based research on presentation. Conference on the soft warm exchange of arguments, at which there are 3 main point of contention. The first issue is the subject of study. General Assembly adopted the intense discussions, the final decision on the revised scope of the study presentation, that of PSTN / ISDN emulation architecture. The second issue is the PSTN / ISDN emulation subsystem architecture should be a subset of NGN architecture, and can not add new functional entity. Meeting through full discussion, agreed that the NGN functional architecture of the overall structure, if it is a common functional entities in the NGN architecture should be added, if only for PSTN / ISDN emulation architecture can only PSTN / ISDN emulation architecture definition, and suggested the next meeting of these two functional entities, detailed argument. The third issue is the softswitch-based PSTN / ISDNe simulation subsystem is not a need to carry out the research. Through our full discussion, agreed that the PSTN / ISDN emulation subsystem is NGNRelease1 content, should not belong to the new research, it agreed on PSTN / ISDN emulation subsystem research. NGN Softswitch technology is one of the technologies covered. In recent years developed a new call control technology, it has a layered architecture, packet-based transmission, can provide a variety of access methods and other characteristics, and to provide integrated voice, data and multimedia services. The last three years of field trials, particularly the scale of the past year commercial trial results show that soft switch architecture is already technically mature and economic analysis feasible, soft switching technology from the pilot phase is gradually to the commercial stage.
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