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According to the current study FGNGN NGN architecture, has made it clear PSTN / ISDN emulation subsystem as one of the four operations. Therefore, proposals should be studied China Telecom PSTN / ISDN emulation architecture to address network operators face the evolution of the problem. Present to achieve PSTN / ISDN simulation in two ways, one is to achieve with IMS PSTN / ISDN simulation, one is to achieve soft switching PSTN / ISDN simulation. However, to achieve the IMS PSTN / ISDN simulation of the evolution method is not mature, and soft switching is relatively mature, the current evolution of network operators face the problem of soft exchange by way of settlement.
* The partnership will be deployed within two years after regulatory approval to complete; added up, Yahoo is expected to increase annual operating income of $ 500,000,000, cash expenditures can save $ 200,000,000; Yahoo, Microsofts co-operation also is expected to increase cash flow per year 275 million. Yahoo also said that the agreement does not fully cover all of its two sites. Email, instant messaging and display advertising encompasses not included. Microsoft and Yahoo also said that unless really necessary, otherwise the two sides will exchange customer data. As this cooperation by government authorities should also have the two sides are also expected Google should make some noises.

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