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W78LE812F-24 Datasheet | Winbond
Part No. : W78LE812F-24
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Page Number : 25
Manufacturer : Winbond
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With deep conviction Academy Internet behavior management to enhance the continuous improvement of products, I believe deeply convinced that online behavior management products in 2010 to lead the industry to introduce more new features, lets wait and see. At first we see of them very poor speed, which is why? The original network radio station in the first time, the link address for each station the situation is still unknown, so the playlist below the "speed" function is especially important if you want to find the fastest network currently connected radio address , you need to click the gun was.
Fifth, PPPoE problems. This is the system unreasonable or PPPoE software installation problems caused by bad software compatibility. Generally speaking, Windows XP is recommended to provide the PPPoE protocol system itself and dial-up procedures. Windows 98/2000, you can install the Modem supplied PPPoE dialer. Recommended that you install the security patch. In addition, it should be recognized ADSL Modem heat well. Operating system is Windows XP, means access to ADSL Internet. When everything works just installed, however, is often now 1 day or every few days, when dialing prompt: "Unable to obtain IP addresses, check the network cable is plugged in!" Restart several times and then everything is normal, how to solve ?

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