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3GPP for fixed and mobile convergence with the TISPAN will jointly promote research. 3GPP defined IMS is used to enter the mobile voice services, multimedia and design. It allows the establishment of two or more units or users, and meet one or more media links. IMS can support many services, particularly to support a variety of access has obvious advantages. But limited it is developed specifically for mobile voice services, and therefore can not support all of NGN services, for example, broadcast and streaming media services. Therefore, it is necessary to improve it to meet the needs of NGN. NGN IMS used to speed up the research, and to maintain with the 3GPP and TISPAN IMS definition of consistency, FGNGN established IMSforNextGenerationNetworks of the research project. But the NGN IMS network structure is not only basic technology, but rather as an option, in June 2005 China Telecom submitted manuscripts "based CallServer the PSTNEmulation" to reflect the realization of NGN Softswitch is a basic network structure. Not fully meet the IMS NGN in fixed-line application, so in order to support multiple access modes access IMS, 3GPPR7 and FGNGN on the IMS architecture for the following expansion: the control of the access network, such as QoS, access permits and identification rights, etc.; on the core transport network resource control; with the traditional exchange networks and other networks; reduce the business and session control layer and transport layer coupling; and access independent session and business layer.
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