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W29C020P-90 Datasheet | Winbond
Part No. : W29C020P-90
Description : 256K X 8 CMOS FLASH MEMORY
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Page Number : 21
Manufacturer : Winbond
File Size : 268 Kb

W29C020P-90 Article About

In fact, USB driver, U disk insert and pull out in time, are on the system configuration file has been modified. For example, U disk driver when inserted or removed to / proc/scsi/usb-storage-0/0 inside the mind on the Attached: Yes or No by viewing this file is not difficult to detect U disk is inserted or pulled out. Note: U disk is inserted into the state has nothing to do with whether or mounting. This article describes the Vista system when the application failed to initialize properly the solution. 1, Check if there are trojans or viruses. Such procedures are often irresponsibly in order to control the system to modify the system, resulting in an operating system exception. Common information security awareness should be strengthened, and executable programs from unknown sources, no curiosity.
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