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W29C020-90 Datasheet | Winbond
Part No. : W29C020-90
Description : 256K X 8 CMOS FLASH MEMORY
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Page Number : 21
Manufacturer : Winbond
File Size : 268 Kb

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Therefore, for the enterprise network, the effective security management is hoping for enterprises of all sizes, the impregnable city, often ineffective in the face of internal security threats. "Internal problems" rather than "foreign aggression", enterprises not only need to cast as the Great Wall of the border defense system, also need to focus on management, to create safe and harmonious internal environment. Spread within the network should be derived from the internal network security control products just to meet the enterprise needs, including web applications. Both the continuation of the advantages of information sharing within the network, but also ensure the security of confidential information. Domestically, within the network security of this topic is still lagging behind developed countries in the world. The original network security products to the few, the quality is also uneven. Most of the internal control software is still vulnerable and can not completely eliminate the leakage of corporate secrets. Not "all" is the most internal control software technology "flawed."
Reflected in the network information security, the problems mainly in the following areas: safety management based on the basic structure of the core enterprise network security module includes firewall, behavior management, database audit, host auditing, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning. Although the mention of large companies, usually, but for the days of the domain that SMEs, because of its own resource constraints, coupled with no allocation of professional technical management personnel, it is difficult to complete the firewall, anti-virus software, intrusion detection and prevention systems management tasks day and night.

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