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Part No. : W27E512P-70
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Page Number : 16
Manufacturer : Winbond
File Size : 191 Kb

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Switches, network management can be generally have a "Console" port, which is dedicated to the switch configuration and management. Through the Console port to connect and configure the switch, the switch is configured and managed to go through the steps. Although several species in addition there are other ways to configure and manage the switch, but these methods must rely on the basic configuration through the Console port only after. Because other methods often require the help of IP addresses, domain names or device name can only be achieved, and the new switch is obviously not built to purchase these parameters, so the connection through the Console port and configure the switches are most common, basic and network administrators must master the management and configuration. Console ports of different types of switches, the location is not the same, and some on the front panel, while others are located on the rear panel. Most of the modular switch is usually located in the front panel, and fixed configuration switches are mostly located in the rear panel. However, the reverse can not find the Console ports do not worry, in the port of top or side will have a similar "CONSOLE" the words of the logo, shown in Figure 2.
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