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Avoid risks, especially for major capital accumulation and a strong competitive threat facing the new situation, no doubt, service providers will go all out to stop this financial "bleeding." Shrinking of the market is not only the service providers, with the revenue decline, the network equipment spending will be reduced, then the system and component manufacturers have a negative impact. In addition, the development of service providers based on the willingness and capacity reduction, which will have a negative impact on customers. For the current unfavorable situation, service providers some measures taken. Such as cable providers use fiber to the home or fiber to the curb Technology has launched a new broadband access service, thus expanding the existing infrastructure. They have taken this measure is deliberate, willing to take the corresponding risk, because they believe they can offer cable for media services and to compete in this
Standardized training and reporting procedures. To effectively implement training programs to improve the quality of the country, to apply on all units to implement the proposed project financial funds should be standardized to support the training program: a ground-level listing, county, provincial units of unit training plans submitted and submit - → provincial training program preferred to set priorities and plans to issue - → implementation units organized and implemented according to plan - → submit unit and implementation unit run classes organize information - → submit units grants for funding and implementation of units - → Province after the implementation of merit review provide appropriate subsidies. Around the level listing, county, provincial training program for 2007 units are required to submit an official language of provincial and fill out the "Training Program 2007 summary" and "Basic information for the implementation", in the end of March 2007 were submitted before SME Bureau Division of the provincial, district training program in which the jurisdiction of the aggregate level in order to submit the listing, the countys training program in the province of the same report submitted to the jurisdiction of the prefecture level for the record, demonstration bases and training of SMEs Grouped model agencies submitted by the summary submitted units. 2006 has been included in the training project is planned to focus on August 15, 2006 after the implementation of the training program need not repeat the report, can be directly included in the 2007 declaration of the scope of training programs. Training programs have been implemented to support application for provincial funds by the provincial SME Bureau, the Provincial Department of Finance informed the Executive to declare the funds.

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