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Part No. : W27E040-12
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Page Number : 15
Manufacturer : Winbond
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Is for the RESET packet, IDS RESET packets sent on the premise that to know the serial number of the current session and the confirmation number, or the RESET packet will be ignored. Confirmation number in this case must be 152 if you send the confirmation number RESET packet is 142, then the stack will think this is an invalid or corrupted data packet data packets and ignored it. IDS through the attack or intrusion detection and response, can effectively detect and prevent criminal acts most of the network, network security management to provide a central, convenient and effective tool. Use of IDS systems monitoring, statistical analysis, reporting capabilities, you can further improve network management. 3, NetEye IDS 2.0, to provide you with a comprehensive security like anti-virus software, intrusion detection signatures to detect the need to constantly update the new and emerging attack methods. 11. Product by the national authority of the evaluation?
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