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In the country, MPLS VPN technology has been commercially available in recent years. In 2001, China Telecom and China Netcom in the domestic market, has introduced a MPLS VPN services. October 2001, Chinas Hong Kong Hutchison Global Communications Building MPLS-based MAN, the worlds first large metropolitan area network using MPLS technology. IP VPN to support its application to build a large platform for large customers support competition. With the growing emergence of broadband networks, many enterprises want to VPN not only provide a safe, flexible and efficient network services, but also through the VPN network of voice, video aspects of services, such as IP telephony, video conferencing, distance learning, or securities Online road show industry, online transactions and more. On the other hand, with the development of enterprise scale, business partners, channels and more and more customers, but also the scalability of enterprise network put forward new requirements. Therefore, based on the traditional Frame Relay, ATM PVC or VPN tunnels by a severe challenge. MPLS-based VPN provides the logic for maximum security. MPLS VPN VPN users not only to meet the security requirements, but also to reduce the network side and user side of the workload, you can create any connections, and has a good network scalability. MPLS VPN is also easy to provide value-added services, has outstanding advantages.
All along, TP-Links products for its affordable price has won many consumers. As TP-Links products a high-end 108M wireless router, the price of 300 yuan is also in similar products cheaper, is a highly cost-effective products. Consumers interested in purchasing a wireless router may wish to consider this product. Detachable Antenna TP-Link 108M wireless router TL-WR642G + TL-WR642G + TP-Link with other products using the same mold. It is white ABS plastic shell as a whole, each side was black. Products at the top of the central area of gray plate inlaid with striking silver "TP-Link" mark. With the product also comes with a bracket, it can be erected. Detachable Antenna TP-Link 108M wireless router TL-WR642G + TL-WR642G + meet the IEEE 802.11g standard and uses Super G technology based on the "speed exhibition" technology, which has 108M of the theoretical maximum data transfer rate and support rate adaptation of each file . "Domain development" technology is effective to expand the scope of its coverage and improve signal quality, it can be less than 200 meters indoor or outdoor wireless devices within 830 meters for signal transmission. In addition users can also change the high-gain antenna to improve its signal service capabilities.

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