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"Software encryption is a complex process, professional and very demanding. General encryption software companies can do the work, but the best encryption and professional companies, so as to really protect the security of software sales." Maya Hill added. From "IT Times," the report validated the proposal Maya Mountains. According to "IT Times" revealed that the encryption software company also saw huge potential market, but the foot a director, has been short-inch, software companies can not focus a lot of manpower, funds, take a long time for software encryption research and development. So even if a software company, but also the company using professional software encryption technology.
If the mode of the firewall from the realization of points, is divided into two types of hardware firewall and software firewalls, hardware firewall is through a combination of hardware and software to achieve the separation of internal and external network was more expensive, better, small businesses and the general individuals from the costs not easy to achieve; software firewall is a software protection technology to achieve the purpose of calculation, the price is cheap, through effective black or white rules to limit the number of unauthorized users to access the internal network or the purpose of personal computers. Not only that, the firewall is also implemented in the computer technology to access the Internet within the variety of control strategies, the first is to monitor, followed by activities in the program has to be asked before the search to the users, whether to allow its access to the outside world, which effectively Trojans rally to avoid the kinds of new type of external connection caused the loss of theft of virtual property. In the new edition of Rising also integrated firewall protection technology for the program, the QQ, online games and other programs added to the list of protected to prevent other processes on the non-normal access, the effective protection of the password. IBM CEO Sam Palmisano said that within five years, SMEs will become IBMs biggest market. As if to confirm this conclusion, IBM recently been made in the SME market power. First, SMEs and Nortel to jointly launch the system i platform, IBM unified communications and collaboration as an important part of strategy; and the United Nations, the largest IT services outsourcers Ming million users for SMEs to develop new SFA system; then For servers, IBM last year released June 20 blade products for SMEs - BladeCenter S and BladeCenter HC10 blade workstations, IBMs SME policy is gradually deepened.

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