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In short, to the construction of enterprise information in the success, only to rely on the contract agreement is not enough, there are still a lot of specific work to be done carefully. Want companies to use the scientific method, a satisfactory completion of the network environment for enterprise information and applications in future. Laptop carrying passengers at the terminal within the Internet through mobile access number, which is the Capital Airport Terminal 3 has recently added a service. It is understood that within the Capital Airport Terminal 3 were installed 70 wireless access points, the network has covered all regions within the terminal, the future Capital Airport Terminal 3 will be the progressive realization of the wireless network coverage. China Mobile users send SQWLAN to 10086, you can get wireless Internet SMS replies login user name and password, according to the text prompts to change your password. Search and connect to a wireless network after China Mobile, the pop-up page, enter the reply before the user name and password, you can start networking journey, the system also began charging time, wireless broadband Internet access 0.05 yuan / minute, deducted from the phone charges, easy to use. Connection rate during the test run 54Mbps, export broadband 400M, average download speeds of up to 70KB / S.
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