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Part No. : USBLC6-2SC6
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Page Number : 11
Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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We have a reference to last years statistics, the above data show that Symbian mobile phone operating system software market share gradually fell by half to 22%, Microsofts Windows Mobile operating system software market share exceeds 28%, Linux open-source mobile phone operating system software for more than 26% market share. In the minds of many developers, the reporter heard the sound mainly for Linux of all ages. The results from this survey can also be a direct response to this phenomenon. Some experts commented: "Linux + Java model, should now be the most widely used model, at least in our company and I have contacted the customer in this way. He has the advantage of the following: 1. Probably from around 2000, has started operation of the market in this area, there is a wealth of experience. 2.Linux is open source and free, and relatively stable, low rate of resource consumption, popular with programmers welcome. 3.Java popularity, Java is probably the most widely used language, and easy to use, so many programmers can use it, and the mutual integration of Java, can give the user a great space to develop.
Solaris Trusted Extensions label Solaris Trusted Extensions classification ability of the "label with a security" feature allows the Solaris 10 operating system to implement a strong mandatory access control security policies. This strategy to ensure that: all the objects within the operating system has well-defined, easy to audit relationship with each other, communication between these objects will be strictly controlled access. For example, each agency must have at least two messages, the first level of information available to anyone, while the second level of information available only to authorized users. Solaris Trusted Extensions allows multiple sensitivity levels of information processing. MAC label at all levels must be separated with each other to preserve the sensitivity of the information corresponds to, even if they are stored in the same system. Because the label is added to the information automatically, so the MAC is mandatory. Normal users can not change the label, unless the system administrator to give them special authorization. In fact, the label has different levels of users are not allowed to share information.

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