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Part No. : UPD70116C-8
Description : x1 SRAM
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Solid-state disk technology does not need to add servers, RAID, or the database can be adjusted to speed up the processing speed of enterprise applications, these applications have to deal with a large number of transactions, respond to the growing number of users. Last July, the market research firm IDC predicted that, due to solid-state disk technology, performance and mobility needs, solid state disk product revenue from 373 million in 2006 to grow to 5.4 billion by 2011. EMC in January of this year to its high-end Symmetrix systems using solid-state disk technology, then other manufacturers have followed suit.
We give you enough flexibility to perform your own meaning according to the system. We will use the end-user and platform flexibility, the beat of traditional CRM products. Those elements will be far better than others, pre-built many things. We have and a traditional CRM software vendors a business opportunity to compete and to assess their software. Surprise, only 7% of each others software, the application rate. Think about it, just sit in Silicon Valley, it is difficult to design a world system that are applicable to any enterprise, whether South Africa or Turkey. So today the key is flexibility, something we need to join How easy? I think the old model 10 years ago, that is to build a feature of many systems no longer apply. In the meantime, we will provide more pre-packaged software with the accelerator. However, we will publish open source form to allow more people to use. If our partners are willing to use it better.

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