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2.4 The core of the system was modified to fool the intruder to modify the system files to check if the core, you can fool a tool based on the file consistency check. Its like the original in some viruses, when they think that by the time of examination or follow the original documents or data will be available to check the tools or tracking tool. Some HIDS can check the network status, but will face many problems facing the NIDS. False alarm rate has been one of the technical difficulties IDS products. Many companies have different solutions. Symantec solution, there are two: First, the scope of application of the IDS products as a category in advance. Example, only the Windows platform for a corporate network, the IDS for the Unix platform includes features of functionality to detect the attack can be ignored to avoid false positives. Second, address the root causes, namely through the complementary products to reduce IDS false positives. Symantecs existing risk management products, they can help companies identify vulnerabilities where the first, easy to attack the weaknesses of the investigation into finding the source, then plug the loopholes in the corporate context, application of IDS, the false alarm rate will be greatly reduced.
The same as the R600, RV630 are built-in HD Audio specification in line with the audio logic, can output full HDMI signal. The integrated GPU in the "sound" to support standard Dolby Digital AC3 and DTS encoded formats, support for 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz to 16bit audio stream to meet the needs of mainstream high-definition video playback, and get the Windows vistaPremium Logo. Radium wind 2600PRO-GD3 and Yi Cai of the GPU G84 8600GT-GD3 nearly 300 million lines of scale, can be maintained up to 4096 threads G80 GigaThread logical part is completely preserved and its interior is also integrated a new version of G80 does not have Video ProCESsor and H .264 BSP engine, enhanced HD video decoding capabilities. Figure in the G84-303 GPU and the initial version of G84-300 GPU The only difference is that the former can be achieved and HDCP key ROM with HDCP function, which is indispensable for the application of some high-definition.

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