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Part No. : UPC1891ACY
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Page Number : 28
Manufacturer : NEC
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Load the DNS query buffer overflow attempt: You can check by parsing the DNS domain and the length of each domain to identify the use of DNS domain buffer overflow attempts. There is another identification method are: the load in the search for "shell code using the" sequence of code combinations. POP3 server by issuing the same command thousands of times a result of DoS attacks: by tracking the records of the number of times a command sent straight to see if more than the preset limit, and alarm information. Not logged in using the files and directories under the command of the FTP server, file access attacks: by creating a model with the characteristics of the state tracking to monitor the dialogue successful FTP login and found that an order has been verify the intrusion attempts.
Top Core 2 Duo processor, 500GB hard drive Dual, DVD optical drive and ATi 2600 engraving recorded were all let alone high-end notebook with decent entertainment performance. The laptop also has the high price of up to 25,999 yuan, interested friends can contact the dealer. 13-inch notebook on the market products more and more people of all ages, many manufacturers have cut prices by means adopted to further expand its 13-inch notebook market share. Recently, Haier will be owned by a 13-inch Core alone significantly reduced the W36-T23512080BaDG 6299 yuan, to further improve this products price. Haier W36-T23512080BaDG use of silver-gray magnesium alloy casing, cooling, and compressive strength are very good, with a black keyboard, I feel, decent. Bonding machine is very compact and work well, showing that the Haier-class standard of workmanship. Configuration, the Haier W36-T23512080BaDG clocked at 1.86GHz with Intel Core Duo T2350 dual-core processor, Intel 945PM chipset, and is equipped with a nVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 graphics card. In addition, this notebook with 1GB memory, 80GB hard drive, combo drive and built-in 300,000 pixel camera.

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