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Part No. : UPC1060C
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Manufacturer : NEC
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Bestseller fashion chain, according to the staff, customers often need to provide after After buying clothes, invoices, and other small-ticket, print the number of daily business volume and more equipment so they are first asked to print speed and stability. Bestseller Fashion previously used micro-printer output is not stable, large amount of work will "strike", but more slowly, often there are customers lined up waiting for the shop notes phenomenon, not only affect store sales, but also to Customers leave the "low efficiency" impression. The use of Epson TM-T81, the maximum 150mm / s print the graphic at the same speed, not only to reduce unnecessary waiting for the customer, but also effectively improve the work efficiency. In addition, because the TM-T81 automatic cutter through a special chrome processing, can achieve up to 150 million trouble-free use, and thermal design of a flat head, the angle of curvature of a more sophisticated setting, effectively prevent the adhesion of paper powder, greatly reduced printer failure rate.
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