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Part No. : UPA80C
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Manufacturer : NEC
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The fourth step - let the parser 55 bytes from the beginning to read URL. URL strings will be submitted to the HTTP parser, it is allowed to submit to the Web server before the HTTP parser to analyze whether it could do attacks. URL location of the first byte string is presented to the resolver. Parser is a command interpreter, intrusion detection engine includes a variety of different command parser, so it can rise to the different protocols - such as Telnet, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, SNMP, DNS and other user commands detailed analysis. Command string and the parser has read all the possible attacks on the deformation, and the ability to explore the meaning of its essence. Parser will find the "/. / Phf" and "/ phf", or some other "/." Transformation is done by the same attack, which is "/ phf" attack. Thus, the attack requires only a signature feature will be able to detect all possible deformation of the attack. This is based on the decoding / analytic system compared with the pattern matching system as long as the characteristics of a small library will be able to detect a larger range of reasons for the attack.
MAXSUN Aurora 8500GT Diamond Plus card is commonly used by the N green PCB, non-public version of the design and optimization of routing and reasonable arrangement for electronic components, cooling more space, the overall use of materials work very well. The card codenamed G86-303, Support HDMI / HDCP, the card-board an Atmel AT88SC encrypted memory chips as HDCP Key ROM. 8500GT on DirectX10 under the unified shader architecture, with 16 stream processors, frequency of 460MHz, supports the latest DX10 and SM4.0, built-in second-generation PureVideo HD technology, capable of extracting hard to achieve the perfect high-definition video, a very greatly improve the film quality and lower CPU utilization. With 256m Samsung 1.4ns GDDR3, DDR2 memory to completely get rid of low frequency bandwidth limitations, so graphics performance a notch. Memory frequency set to 1200MHz, providing 20G / s memory bandwidth to meet the huge image data throughput of the game. 1.4ns memory theory frequency 1400MHz, 80nm manufacturing process, and with good

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