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"Litmus test" for behavioral health care organizations for young people and their families in Arizona to provide effective behavioral health care services. In outpatient clinics and ward work, health care, mainly through mobile devices anytime, anywhere access to electronic medical records quickly, to improve their efficiency and better services for patients, it is this time of effective demand for information, call IT Technical - Digital treatment process as its unique core competencies. And because of this, the data for the normal operation of the companys business is essential that all information needs to be summarized in the data center, storage, post and distribute as needed. Therefore, in the event of failure, it will seriously affect the efficiency, or even detrimental to a good corporate reputation.
China Telecom added 3.8 million long-distance service road circuit, reaching 7.6 million Road; including: long distance services added 96,000 road circuit, reaching 1.86 million Road; long-distance telephone switching capacity of 43 million new road-side, reaching 5.76 million Road end; central office exchange capacity added 39.14 million, amounting to 220 million. China Unicoms long distance lines from more than one million road, long-distance telephone switching capacity of 40 million road-side, the new 27 million road-side, central office switch capacity of nearly 200,000. 2001 mobile operators continue to increase investment companies, mobile communications is still a big increase. Annual capacity of mobile telephone exchange communications industry added more than 9,000 million, 2.4 million households.

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