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The following diagram gives the dial-up client addressing, which use a dedicated IP address corporate Intranet distribution, transmission data for the IP datagram. Figure fifteen shows, call the ISP dial-up clients, the use of the connection to the ISP, the client is added a default route. In this way, the router via the ISP NAS, the client can reach any destination on the Internet. We have seen from the figure above, the client call the ISP will have a default route, and then create a VPN client when the VPN connection, in turn add another address directly to the tunnel servers default route and host routes , as shown below. Before a default route will be saved, but the longer the length of the new default route. Add a new default route means that the effective connection of a VPN connection period, the data packets sent from the client can only reach the tunnel servers IP address, and can not achieve the purpose of any other Internet address.
And foreign and domestic mobile phone black phone in the attack, and no capital investment and to see the results of TD mobile phones. Ministry of Industry now requires "TD only failure was not" China Mobiles TD for large-scale advertising, and that makes domestic mobile phone ignited the hope of TD. Time is running short of funds, so the development of information and used directly linked TD-core baseband chip technology and solutions, to introduce new products to meet the procurement of China Mobile, which is expediency. Even our mobile phones from the TD piece together the signs can be seen. Share of domestic mobile phone as low as less than 20% of the domestic mobile phone brand consumers already lost confidence in R & D while not giving the impression of domestic TD mobile phones is very rough, which seriously undermined the enthusiasm of mobile phone users to replace TD; and high-end TD mobile phones Although more powerful, more refined, but the price high above. So, now is Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other people throw away the hands of 2G mobile phones, replace it with domestic TD-SCDMA mobile phone seems to be impossible.

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