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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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For Active-Active Replication, Hifns 4450 FlowThrough security processor has been stored in some of the worlds leading OEM manufacturers to design with, now in full production and can be obtained through normal channels. Stored without affecting the performance of OEM manufacturers under the premise of safety copy link the processor with a new choice. Hifn storage and security experts said this week, active-active replication to provide for 4450 FlowThrough security processor, which combines the processor with a data compression and encryption features. Hifn CTO Russell Dietz, vice president, said 4450 data processing speed of the processor than some competitors, nearly twice the processing speed and occupies less space and energy consumption. "4450 meets the security and low latency to improve the compression time of the request, so that OEM manufacturers can design complex solutions in each replication module when a more intensive use of the port." Dietz said.
UF Senior Vice President, EBU general manager Han introduced to the Church "U8 All-in-One is designed to help SMEs to achieve introduction of a complete management cycle of eight, covering eight sectors and 200 sub-industries in-depth applications, the real enterprise-wide information. "U8 All-in-One and characteristics for different industrial applications of information technology needs and provide solutions for many industries, its business practices reflect the best industry standard products is rooted in the above, the combination of UF and partners in many industries the process of customer information, experience, and has characteristics typical of the industry, designed to help companies with low risk, low cost information technology. Especially for industries and enterprises with more comprehensive information complete support. For example: the chemical industry are concerned about the low-carbon economy, U8 All-in-One offers a complete support. "Copenhagen Protocol" requires States to reduce industrial carbon emissions, means that countries around the world began to develop low-carbon economy. Statistics show that in the U8 All-in-One, the enterprise procurement, sales, production, inventory, cost control and other core business processes of collaboration and management control, and industry chain to achieve

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