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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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"Samsung X1 based on ergonomic principles, the health point of view from the user to design products, no doubt brought the gospel to Chinese users, but also for other manufacturers of products designed to provide a new way of thinking." Occupational Safety and Health Association of Chinese experts on this Product commented. "But to be effective in preventing white-collar occupational diseases in China is still a long way to go, need more and more manufacturers to provide ergonomic products, but also requires the user to improve prevention means, the relevant state departments also need to introduce relevant laws and regulations specification office environment, you can say long way to go! " Recently, the market often focus on the health of users of electronic products, such as silver ion air conditioning, mobile phones. We can see these as individual acts of independent market makers, but a trend or a trend, this particular act is often the result after the spread. When using a laptop computer for the users habit of "bad habits", X1 Samsungs new laptops with this attempt to change the status quo.
Asus network also announced that those who buy ASUS GX1116i + / 1124i + the user can receive a value of 5,000 yuan a ASUS ACNM network management software allowing companies do not need a dedicated MIS system can easily manage and maintain the entire network. I believe, ASUS GX1116i + / 1124i + Series Smart managed switches the emergence of the information bound to the construction of the domestic small and medium enterprises and network optimization play a very crucial role in promoting. Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Meteorology in the high-performance computer systems tendering, the dawn of the TC4000A dual-core fleet of winning. According to reports, the cluster several times in the meteorological industry applications.

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