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Integration of TETRA intercom system. Dispatch scheduling by intercom system to address the airports intercom system and other systems can not communicate the problem. Airport-based voice network deployment McWiLL cluster scheduling. By McWiLL voice communications network and terminals, on the one hand protect the airport, the original investment, expansion of the airport the other hand, the application of existing equipment models. Full coverage of the Airport wireless network. McWiLL cluster deployed at the airport outside the network, deploy WiFi in the indoor wireless network, the airport staff need to hand-held mobile intelligent terminal can seamlessly switch between different wireless networks. Barrier-free communication. Airport fixed scheduling phone, terminal cluster, radio, telephone and other administrative offices can communicate with each other for free. Business systems integration and the airport. Terminals installed in the airport business intelligence software, to receive real-time dispatch center to send work orders. Log in business systems can query through a terminal airport flight information, time information on the organization of work. Variety of network access. Support PSTN, CDMAGSM, satellite and other types of network access. Networks can back up each other.

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