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Part No. : TSC2101IRGZ
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Page Number : 90
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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He said the current Dell, HP and IBM, Suns competitors have accepted the open-source Solaris operating system, if the Suns competitors are interested in Suns chip technology, the same can be used. In fact, before the formation of Microelectronics, Sun had been in the OpenSPARC project has achieved good results. According to Yen said, since a year ago, Sun CMT technology will be used to support the 8-core 32-thread UltraSPARC T1 processor open source online for free, after the world has so far received nearly 5,000 downloads, which second only to Chinas number of downloads in the United States, there are a Chinese company has developed the use of these single-source core 4 thread UltraSPARC T1 processor, a simplified version, and into production.
The so-called "virtual system", mainly using chroot to achieve, that is to change the location of the root directory, and make the system corresponds to a new system configuration. To achieve this, generally can be divided into two methods, first modify the code, the other is to use the command system itself to achieve. Here we do not intend to provide details of how to modify some code to do, simply, the program most of the major functions is to use chroot to change the root directory of C location, where more trouble is that you may have to modify the inetd program or other network service program, of course, you can write these programs, but not all managers are all interested in writing code save. But no matter which method you use, there is one thing needs to be done, it is to create a virtual system environment. The following short list of how to "/ vs" this directory, create a new system environment, and does not modify the program to start the virtual system service: tar-cf / system.tar / var / usr / etc / dev / devices will be system / var, / usr, / etc, / dev, / devices pressed into system.tar this file.

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