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Part No. : TSC2003IPWR
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Page Number : 22
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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First look at the work of the local LAN device status is normal. For example, look at the objectives of the lights lit NIC device is normal, if not normal, then it shows that there is a hardware problem network card device itself, this time to do is to replace the good quality card equipment. In the confirmation card device hardware does not exist in case of problems, see NIC device driver is installed properly; during this inspection, we can use the Ping command to test the local LAN device IP address is to be Ping-pass the normal, If you can be Ping pass, it shows network card device driver installation operation is normal, or we need to re-install the network card device driver, until it can Ping through the local LAN IP address of the device so far.
In this context, to the server for the companys core business, old and new agents are looking for a breakthrough from a different angle, trying to establish a consistent feature of its new enterprise development, survival mode. Ding Wei Sun founded in 1999 started the process of rack-mounted servers. Then sell well, manufacturers discount to the customer, each earns about 8,000 yuan; in 2000, the company began underwriting HP rack-mounted servers, has been done and Compaq merged in 2003. It was also during this time, the sun a great deal of accumulated process of telecommunications industry clients, so far, his customers are still mainly the telecommunications industry, the Internet. Ding Wei also intends to expand government and education sectors, but as one used to be the rack-mounted server hardware sales; In addition, educational programs or some government sectors, account of the long, difficult operation, and finally just give up.

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