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Part No. : TS912IN
Description : Voltage-Feedback Operational Amplifier
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Traditional business disaster recovery solutions for business servers need a separate disaster recovery server, the whole program is very complex, the implementation down to build the equivalent of a business system. Great efforts to build a disaster recovery plan is only to critical business systems can only provide protection, and other important IT systems have to be the last set of data backup program. This will not only need to purchase a large number of servers and storage devices, management will be very complex, requiring someone to maintain with such a system; not only the total cost of ownership is high, follow-up maintenance and energy costs make businesses headache. Program implementation, the server, storage and backup, disaster recovery software are often fragmented, can only take into account to meet current demand, with business development, increasing the amount of data, increasingly high demand for business continuity, backup, Rong Zai an extension to be a very difficult thing, to expand storage space for small and large to upgrade to remote disaster recovery, need to re-purchase of equipment even need to redeploy the entire solution, resulting in substantial duplication of investment. The above dilemma is the root of the problem: the traditional core server backup program can not provide strict RTO and RPO, the traditional disaster recovery programs in the implementation of the high maintenance costs, while not a large number of non-core system to provide backup protection.
"Although the software is invisible, but with software to allow the hardware to maximize value." He Shufen said, "the software will never go in front of the hardware. For example, a system three years ago, Microsoft has done, But after three years can be used, because it keep up the hardware and other partners to optimize the products, the other innovation. "He Shufen cited an example of the emergence of Centrino technology, so that broke the network laptops line of shackles, but this is still bound by the final release of the software to assume an important role. "All systems came out, Intels first system will give software partners to optimize the future will be officially launched this platform." He Shufen said, "if the platform launched, the worlds software is not how the surface of the thread, then, the new platform would be meaningless to users. Therefore, software will always run on the hardware front, the only way to release the energy of the hardware. "

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