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TS117P Datasheet | Clare, Inc.
Part No. : TS117P
Description : Multifunction Telecom Switch
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Clare, Inc.
File Size : 122 Kb

TS117P Article About

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Step two: other settings the same as Example 1, but in the "URL" item should click on the subsequent "Local File ..." button and open the window, navigate to the executable file QQ, and "Auto Complete sequence "should read" ", just enter the password. ] Please add MSN Messenger, but noted that the "Auto Complete sequence" should be "." Password Depot will enter the default password is displayed as asterisks, if you want to know a saved password in the end what is, you can click the Toolbars "Options" button, open the window "General" tab, check " Password Visible by Default ", then right-click and select the appropriate item" Modify ", the pop-up window will see the real face of the password.

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