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Part No. : TPS75533KTTT
Description : 524/534 Thermopile Sensors
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The third layer of the tunnel is not a new technology. The GRE is defined in RFC1701 for a long time already. CISCO ios version since 9.21 to the support of the technology. Ipsec Encryption is a new tunnel to support the definition of the IETF standards. CISCO ios version 11.3T support since the features. CISCO ios version 12.0T in mobile IP. GRE tunnel is based on IP technology, which can be used in IP-based multi-protocol backbone network transmission of data traffic such as IPX, AppleTalk and so on. Meanwhile, GRE can also be used to transmit Internet radio through the tunnel on the network and multicast information such as routing update information. Note that, in the need to use the GRE before the end of the VPN device as a physical interface on the configuration, then you can use, such as IPSec and other security measures to protect the tunnel.
However, it should see that most of the small and medium practitioners not to take the initiative to accept the new model, do not trust in B2B e-site service fee charged to bring them after the return value. Especially by some of the large number of B2B sites of fraudulent marketing tool, most SMEs are still the main method of offline marketing, e-commerce application but only half-heartedly like to follow suit. Perhaps we should change my thinking, another way from other angles. Yiwu has opened up a new global network model, the process is the regional advantages, combined with the industry ecosystem, social networks, integration of advanced network development concept, mode of application of B2B for SMEs to reduce the threshold, increase the transparency of information, while enabling SMEs from benefit more. This is the future of their e-commerce and new hopes, lot of heated discussions in e-commerce today, there will be a real seeker can actually bring a lot of business opportunities for SMEs.

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