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Part No. : TPS75501KTTT
Description : 524/534 Thermopile Sensors
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WISELY isolation hub network security network security and installation of a separate card with the security of computer network cabling for single use to meet the requirements of the desktop computer can only connect a network cable to the remote double line. If for some reason users can not use the dual-network routing, we can use this program. Figure: WISELY companies to network security and network security isolation isolation card hubs, for example, the network security isolation card is in the State Secrecy Bureau certified physical isolation of single hard drive products. With the IBM-PC compatible hardware PCI bus card products. X86 platform for a computer or network workstation, without increasing the cost of other hardware and software, not the system reset the case of a single computer connected to achieve both internal and external networks, alternative sets of independent computer networks with the physical implementation isolation scheme. A safe high-performance, easy to use, low maintenance costs.
Sapphire X1950GT graphics card with dual DVI + TV-OUT output interface, and is equipped with a complete low-pass circuit, so that even better performance 2D graphics. Graphics card supports HDCP and is equipped with ATI Avivo technology, providing dynamic high-fidelity images and video playback, with the latest high-definition video standards. For many very satisfied with the HD2000 series graphics cards for gamers friends, this X1950GT Sapphire Gold Edition graphics card not only has excellent quality and workmanship, and the performance of the performance is very similar products in the eye-catching, but also in the DIY Players in good reputation, I believe the price of 899 yuan can become a game in your hands a powerful weapon fight! Now for some card players, mostly in discussions of graphics problems? Perhaps the first period of time, there are people in the study of the SM2.0 X800 worth buying in the end, or X1000 series of HDR + AA how gorgeous effect, or a dual graphics card SLI! However, these issues are the official release with Microsoft vista concealed, and now the eyes of players have been almost completely new 3D graphics API - DirectX 10 are attracted!

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