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Part No. : TPS7348QP
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Page Number : 43
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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AOC915Sw the OSD buttons set in the middle bottom of the panel, including the automatic adjustment button, left and right adjustment, the menu and start button. Button to set the boot with a green power light, the power state it is very beautiful, can be said to add a dash of color as a whole. Performance parameters, AOC915Sw 16.2M display colors using the number of ultra-high 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 5ms response time, speed, can provide clear, realistic, detailed picture effects, and can greatly enhance the image color and level of expression sense. Aircraft horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 150 degrees, if the point of view than the partial color cast phenomenon may occur, but will not have much impact for daily use. It is worth mentioning that, AOC915Sw has been certified by vista, Vista operating system can be perfectly compatible with the whole operation, replacing the user in the future

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