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Part No. : TPS7248QP
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Page Number : 36
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Operating system is the use of user application platform. Note that here, not the existing system can support dual-core platforms, Linux and some versions of Windows can not support dual dual-core systems, must be optimistic about the software. But Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition can support four of the products, which can be installed four AMD dual-core processors. Speaking of dual-core products, many users may want to upgrade from the original over to the CPU that will involve the upgrade problem. AMDs Opteron processor for now, its the number of processor slots and single-core products are the same, memory and power supply specifications are exactly the same, so AMD upgrade from single core to dual core is very simple, just put dual-core products, re-print of your BIOS on it.
SOYO OC01-P35-GR motherboard printed prominently above the "super-burn family" in the name, very attractive, but also appears to be very personalized. SOYO OC01-P35-GR has been adopted although the largest version of type, but the densely filled with components or entire PCB, the materials used are adequate. IntelP35 + ICH9 motherboard chipset is Intel Core Duo processor, one of the most powerful chipset, support 775 and the Intel Core series processors 1333MHz frontside bus. SOYO OC01-P35-GR with luxurious six-phase power, high-quality solid capacitors match all fully enclosed inductors, huge heat pipe cooling system is for the board to provide a good cooling effect, but also lay a solid foundation for overclocking. SOYO OC01-P35-GR motherboard provides four DIMM memory slots supporting dual channel DDR2 800 memory specifications.

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