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Part No. : TPS72118DBVT
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Similar to the node with the link encryption encryption method is to use a node is connected with the password device node, the ciphertext is decrypted on the device was re-encryption, specifically through the node does not prevent the link encryption node vulnerable shortcomings. End to end encryption for data from end to end encryption available. Data is encrypted at the sending end, decryption at the receiving end, the middle node is not in clear text form. End to end encryption is done at the application layer. In the end to end encryption, in addition to header outside the packet in the form of ciphertext are all throughout the transfer process, only the sender and the receiver have the encryption and decryption devices, and any node in the middle are not decrypt packets Therefore, do not need a password device, compared with the link encryption can reduce the number of cryptographic equipment. On the other hand, the information is composed of header and message, the message is to send the message header for the routing information, due to network transmission to the routing to be involved in the link encryption, both the message and header must be encrypted. In the end to end encryption, the channel while not every intermediate node to decrypt packets, but to send the packet to the destination, must check the routing information, so can only encrypt messages, but not on the header encryption. This is some of the traffic analysis is easy to find, and derive some of the sensitive information.
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